Here’s our four go-to visual merchandising tips to get your creative engine going and amaze and inspire your customers during the most competitive and profitable stretch on the retail calendar.


1. Tell your story

As children we love hearing stories and, as adults, we take the time to listen when someone tells a good one. That’s why it’s the brands that can bring this type of magic into their window displays, connecting with shoppers on an emotional level that we think will be most successful this holiday season.


Take this Selfridges Department Store window in London depicting the story of Scorpio “Lovers in The Lair” and one of twelve dedicated to a sign of the zodiac. We love this window because our first reaction is to stop and take notice. Once we have had a chance to take it all in, our second thought is that we want to give more time to understand and appreciate it. Why have they gone to all this effort? Far from predictable, this window does a fantastic job of making you want to connect with its message. The noticeable thought and attention to detail applied to craft this piece of art convinces us that we are likely to experience similar efforts within the store and entices us to come inside, browse, and buy.

From concept and design through to planning and delivery, authentic and well-executed stories will give your customers a chance to be inspired and intrigued, to further understand your values as a brand, and to provide that personal connection that brings them into your stores to buy your products at Christmas.


2. Go large

With so many other retailers shouting to tell the same story during the Christmas period, large format printing could be just what’s needed to catch shopper’s attention and elevate your window displays above the competition. Here’s three of our favourite large format trends that you should be thinking about this holiday:

Window Decals – A simple yet powerful way to draw people in, window decals can be customised to suit any retail space and budget requirements. We recommend keeping your message simple and inviting, with plenty of open space to see into the store and enough excitement to produce immediate interest and attract people to take the next step in the customer journey.


Display stands – Printed plinths and display stands can be designed and produced to create the effect of a more permanent and professional installation without the added expense. This opens up endless possibilities when it comes to creating outstanding window displays. We particularly like the added sense of theatre and depth that plinths can bring to a window while colour matched printing can compliment the products perfectly inviting you into a store to browse and buy.


Die-cutting – An added sense of depth can be achieved by including various machine cut pieces into any window. This 3D like effect will allow you to add elements and layers to your window display story and finish that you were only able to achieve before with a custom build and at a fraction of the cost.

die cut christmas retail display

3. Custom builds

With a recent ACRS POPAI Christmas omnibus study finding that “73% of shoppers are still doing their Christmas shopping exclusively in bricks and mortar environments” it’s no wonder retail stores are going to extreme lengths to inspire and engage shoppers with elaborate window displays. Here are two surefire custom builds to do just that this Christmas:

Industrial design – A custom built window display feature can provide the wow factor that will catch people’s eye and bring them into your store without taking your entire budget. We suggest minimising the window style and focusing on essential details and products that scream that must have gift for Christmas while supporting your campaign and brand story.


Paper engineering – Providing that extra little touch of magic could be exactly what’s needed to cut through this holiday season. We love paper engineered pieces because of the ability they have to tell powerful stories through their detail while showing your customer’s that you were willing to take that extra step to delight them this Christmas. Not to mention the possibility of your window going viral.


4. Digitize your display

It’s no longer a matter of if but how. Retailers that are able to successfully incorporate digital signage and relevant digital content into their window displays will be the talk of the town this Christmas. With the ability to display any message at any time the possibilities become limitless and you’ll be well on your way to delighting and servicing many happy customers this holidays.

A digital retail window display

Planning your Christmas displays?

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