Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat
Darius Shopper Engagement Technology

The Challenge

Hotel Chocolat wanted to ensure that their planned customer loyalty event attracted the maximum number of customers to their store.


The Solution

The campaign utilised Parkway’s existing shopper database to encourage their friends to sign up and attend the Hotel Chocolat event.

The Velocity team designed both an incentive for their existing shopper database to share the event and a spend-related incentive for the friend network to register for the event and opt-into the Parkway shopper database. This combined incentive approach ensured that any new shoppers could be re-targeted with future promotions, both from Hotel Chocolat and other brands within Parkway.

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+39% of total sales at the loyalty event were driven from the invitations that were issued through Darius and of these 60% were from friend referrals

The store had their busiest hour of trade since the store opened

The store were +85% on the day compared to the previous year and finished third in the entire Hotel Chocolat company

40% of the number of shoppers who registered for the promotion attended the customer evening and purchased over the minimum £10 spend.