Adidas - Women’s World Cup

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Adidas approached us to help create buzz and excitement for their Women’s World Cup ball launch in key retail stores nationally. The ‘Oceaunz’ is inspired by nature and the landscapes of Australia and New Zealand. Based on the campaign imagery, our team designed, produced and installed vibrant window displays and launch zones.

At Rebel Sport stores, we developed, produced and executed vibrant window displays using banner backdrops, floor decals, and fabricated metal ball stands to hero the Oceaunz Pro ball. At Melbourne Central, we also activated the entrance portal with a custom lightbox, and in-store prints.

At Ultra Football stores in Sydney and Melbourne, we reused the gigantic Men’s World Cup ball and wrapped it up with the Women’s artwork. To further highlight the release, we produced an impactful launch zone made with graphic panels and pipe frames. Cube stands and an in-store back wall completed the elevation.

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