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Retail Zoo – Boost Juice Marketing Portal

With a network of 550 stores across 14 regions, Boost is one of the most exciting and successful juice and smoothie bars across the globe.

Built on a strong foundation of marketing, we were approached to build and maintain a platform for Head Office and franchisees to help simplify, automate and standardise their local area marketing.


Improved effectiveness of messaging at the local level leads to vastly improved results for the brand and helps their local marketers to be true brand advocates.


The platform allows both marketing and store managers to utilise a single integrated platform empowering their team to conduct their own highly targeted and locally relevant marketing from one centralised location. Key features of the Boost platform include a rotating news banner which promotes new campaigns, online previews of artwork and dynamic templates giving franchisees more control on the customisation of their marketing including dynamic coloured backgrounds and an image library.


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