Cartier - Panthere and Santos

Cartier engaged with us to celebrate and promote two of the icons Panthere and Santos through refined window displays and interior hotspots.

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Based on the global design, Dashing adapted the activation to the Australian market and tailored the elements for a number of different store displays and sizes. 

The campaign was based on the sky code, having a printed sky on a Dibond panel with a matte finish accompanied by Satin white paint panels. The elements were combined with a textured effect, including high detail textured printed shadow in a gradient pattern, illustrating the panther – created to honour Jeanne Toussaint, the brand’s legendary creative director in the 1930s nicknamed “La Panthere” – and small floating planes linking to Santos – developed for the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, a long-term friend of Cartier. The red colour is part of the Cartier palate and was used to light up the trays on the windows.

Our team manufactured bespoke structures for each location and installed the campaign at their flagship stores in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We worked on the technical development of the joinery and back panels, also developing a steel finishing for the brushed aluminum planes to create a floating aesthetic for the windows and counter showcases!

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