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Cotton On BODY - Sustainable Window Displays

Committed to making a positive impact, Cotton ON Body launched a puffer jacket collection produced from fully recycled materials and challenged Dashing to create a completely environmentally friendly window display to hero the product.

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With the consciousness in mind, they briefed us to create a sustainable campaign, where every element that composed the window was helping to preserve our planet. We produced a double-sided custom printed backdrop made from PET fabric with wool recycled poly wadding infill, and a banner made of recycled paper. To showcase the puffer jackets, we collaborated with Mannequino, bringing this 100% fully recyclable mannequin to the Australian market, designed for disassembly, and ready for the circular economy.

The Mannequino uses 80-98% less material than the conventional display forms. Its produced from Polypropylene which is widely recycled and there is an extensive network to collect and reuse it. Dashing has exclusively partnered with Mannequino to bring a truly sustainable visual merchandising solution to the Australian market. It has a unique type of body form, with a design-led aesthetic, and is purpose-built for easy low carbon footprint international use, as they are flat packed and easily and cost-effectively transported.

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