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Country Road - Kids World

Country Road engaged us to help reimagine their Kids’ department and create a cohesive in-store experience, giving special consideration to key touch-points and age sections.

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The Country Road store in Frankston launched the Kids World space, a new initiative featuring interactive activities for children to play while their parents shop. Inspired by the Australian bushland hues with pops of colour and a dusty tonal mix, we used natural textures and finishes to create engaging displays.

The department entry zone presented an oversized abacus combined with cloud-shaped plinths made of sustainable micro-cement material, top coated and sealed with satin resin for added durability, also being UV ray resistant and non-yellowing. The natural wood finishes and matte colours created a smooth aesthetic.

To build the in-store theatre, we added top-of-shelf displays and used the average height of kids and teens as a guide of where their eye-line will focus within each section. We designed little echo-panel animals inspired by the Aussie fauna illustrations. These were 2D layered and free-standing to be distributed around the store, together with a few abstract Abacus reflecting ceramic sculptural forms and soft coloured rainbows. We produced a Dome Wall Board and used floor decals to create a Hop Scotch and incentive the interactivity.

The opening of Country Road Frankston continues the brand’s sustainable journey, adding to its 5-Star Green Star rating range of stores. Aligning with these values, we used green materials across the activation and focused on durability. We had the EchoPanel® 12mm in the centre of the campaign, as it is made using 60% post-consumer recycled PET plastic bottles, being a superior upcycled product with a 10-year life expectancy, after which the material is 100% recyclable.

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