Grill'd - Stranger Things Campaign

Dashing collaborated with Grill’d and Seeker Agency to create an immersive store experience celebrating the launch of Netflix’s Stranger Things season 4. 

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We have just gotten back from a trip to The Upside Down of Hawkins, Indiana, diving into a unique in-store experience that transported visitors to the parallel universe of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Grill’d also elevated the campaign by releasing a limited edition DefEAT the Demogorgon Burger – a fun and creative way to engage with the brand!

This project was a visual and physical experience that took over the entire Grill’d restaurant in The Galleries, Sydney. Dashing produced a multitude of custom items, including a multi-layered ‘Rift’ made from a combination of Kapa board, Re-board and lighting, that sucked patrons into The Upside Down. Another stand-out feature was the interactive 3D printed telephone as well as the hand-made Demogorgon vines that had weaved and spread their way throughout the entire restaurant!

*Creative concept and management – Seeker Agency

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