JAG - Mannequins

Taking their sustainability to another level, Jag engaged our Dressed by Dashing team to develop and manufacture eco-friendly mannequins, providing a canvas that enhances and elevates their iconic clothing.

Jag always had a strong focus on using low-impact materials for their garments. To complement this, they used our bespoke mannequins to showcase their products and make a statement in their retail stores. We installed female and male models that posed together in standalone stores and independently in retail concessions.

Dashing is exploring many avenues to reduce environmental impact. We are developing mannequins using the Blue Agave plant (more commonly known as the tequila plant) and bio-resin made from corn starch. These materials are made the same way as a normal mannequin and can be finished in all the same ways. We used the plant fibre to produce a natural matting, and when combined with bio-resin it makes the models 45% more sustainable than a fibreglass mannequins that use petroleum resin.

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