Kathmandu – BioDown Jacket Campaign

Dashing had the exciting opportunity to take part in producing the visual merchandise for Kathmandu’s BioDown Jacket launch campaign, showcasing the release of their revolutionary biodegradable puffer jacket in Australia.

What is groundbreaking about the BioDown jacket is its sustainable material, where all elements are biodegradable. A large number of clothing products end up in a landfill, but this is no longer an issue for the BioDown jacket because everything from the fabric to the sewing thread, all the way to the complete zipper assembly, will disintegrate naturally once exposed to the right conditions. To represent the landfill creatures, Kathmandu and Special New Zealand created funky-looking animated characters for their brilliant TV commercial, telling the story of their new product.

The brand engaged Dashing to bring these characters to life in-store, truly encapsulating the primary concept of the campaign and remaining consistent with the idea of sustainability. The 2D & 3D microorganisms and the iconic bin chicken were made with echo panels, felt, and foam. The echo panel is made of 60% recycled PET bottles and is recognised by sustainability rating schemes across the globe. The Dashing team carefully hand-crafted each puppet in our office, creating fun creatures that would elevate the customer experience when visiting the stores.

*Mannequins not supplied by Dashing.

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