Kathmandu - Epiq Jacket

Kathmandu engaged us to conceptualise, design and develop spaces within their new Highpoint flagship store in Melbourne. 

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We worked with the Kathmandu creative team to bring the outdoors within, whilst making a statement about what they are famous for – the ‘Epiq Jacket’ range. Levels of elevation were applied across the hero jacket range, utilising our signature partner Mannequino to showcase each style in a lifelike form, framed with illumination via interchangeable neons and informative product specifications. These applications draw the customer’s attention and engage them across the journey.

The Mannequino is 100% recyclable, designed for disassembly, and ready for the circular economy. It uses around 80-98% less material than conventional display forms. Polypropylene is widely recycled and there is an extensive network to collect and reuse it.

Design development and elements also created a Pants destination in the store utilising moss hanging from the columns to capture the essence of hiking & outdoors and speak truthfully to the brand’s philosophy – ‘We’re out there’.

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