Kathmandu – Sunstopper Campaign

Dashing was briefed to create a display that highlighted the benefits and key technical features of the Kathmandu Sunstopper collection, a range of hoodies and t-shirts with UPF rating of 50+, so you can stay out there for longer this summer!

Sustainability is a very strong value for the brand, as they are always looking for ways to do business better. Therefore, the unit was built with upcycling in mind, aiming to reuse the display for future campaigns. Easily interchangeable without affecting design.


We developed the concept, designed, produced, and installed a freestanding white metal frame display, an aluminum cube block with recessed channels for 6mm acrylic panels, and clear acrylic side panels with dichroic film applied to the rear.


Lights chasing outwards would mimic the UV repellent, and the white acrylic lettering called out for the campaign tagline “Stop the sun, not the fun”. We topped off the display with a clear acrylic plinth and white vinyl lettering featuring the product’s key benefits.


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