lululemon - Winter Outerwear 2022

Winter is here. Breathe in, head out. ‘Feel more in your element’ when you walk past Lululemon’s stores and appreciate the campaign designed by Dashing to showcase their winter outerwear 2022.

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The campaign included eye-catching window displays, impactful launch zones, and in-store POS. We created a mountain scenery backdrop with the purpose of imitating fog, making customers feel the piercing cold of winter during outdoor activities. The outerwear displayed on the mannequins juxtaposes the cold, evoking the desire for warmth and cosiness from their winter collection.

Dashing designed, produced, and installed the windows and launch zones for all stores in Australia and New Zealand. Top-tier stores received the mountain and cloud theatre scene with depth created by standees, hanging panels, false rocks, and moss. Other stores had multipanel backdrops with nature photography supplied by the client. We adjusted the installation components to accommodate different-sized stores without compromising the concept and design of the project. A large lightbox was used in selected stores to showcase campaign imagery and elevate the activation.

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