Here for the Skin

Stepping into Beauty Wonderland!

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Mecca engaged us to create an oversized 3D window that reflected their beauty products on a large scale, inspired by zoomed-in skin care elements, mirror installations and 3D lettering.

Mecca - Here for the Skin
Mecca - Here for the Skin

We partnered with their VM Creative Specialist to bring the concept to life, beginning with a detailed survey measuring out the windows and designing elements to plan the manufacturing. The production included a mix of offshore and local components, with stainless steel letters, 3D printed props, acrylic and wood fabrication, spray painting and airbrushing done by a local artisan.

We elevated the shopfront catching the attention of people walking past with an oversized cream tube, a gigantic soap with debossed letters and bubbles, a pipette hanging from the ceiling, and the 3D tagline.

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