Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown - Holiday Better

The visual merchandising cabinet in Bondi Junction Westfield that Dashing produced in collaboration with Orlebar Brown made shoppers yearn for a dip in the water.

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O.B is the go-to store for high-quality holiday apparel and their designer men’s swim shorts are endorsed by many Australians. We were briefed to concretise their idea of creating a glass display case that convincingly depicts underwater mannequins wearing their unique swim shorts. The swimming pool tiles and their campaign message were creatively designed and printed to imitate how they would appear when distorted underwater. 

The mannequins and the pool steps were sourced and modified to complement the installation, creating a realistic activation. To top it all off, we incorporated clear blue tinted windows to further illustrate the colour of water. The eye-catching display unit attracted many customers and delivered the message to  ‘Holiday Better’ with O.B’s swimwear.

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