Platypus - Christmas 2022

Platypus approached us to create an interactive window space to celebrate “KICKSMAS” this season.

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Our creative team designed a space where customers could physically interact and engage with the brand. We transformed the Sydney CBD Platypus window into a festive living room – inspired by the ‘Kicks Kringle’ campaign video developed in partnership with Aussie singer PANIA.

Aiming to make customers feel like they were part of the campaign, we built fun walls using their gift wrapping as the wallpaper. Plasma screens were framed to play the theme video on a loop, and we used a LED screen behind a fake window to activate motion and add a surprise element. Present boxes, shoes and Christmas props filled the room for the perfect photo moment. Visitors could take a selfie in the entertaining scenario and print a Polaroid picture to take home.

We played the KICKSMAS jingle and used a scent diffuser to stimulate all senses and create a truly immersive experience. Dashing worked on the project from the design concept to execution and installation, producing and sourcing all elements in the window.

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