Platypus - VANS Knu Skool

In collaboration with Platypus, Dashing aimed to make the global launch of the classic VANS Knu Skool big and bold!

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The concept development was elevated through the design accents that the Knu Skool holds, as a puffy version of the classic Old Skool style. We created an inflatable to blow the Pitt St mall out of its normal depths, highlighting its puffed trims and oversized elements.

The shoe radiated a mesmerising glow, meticulously crafted with bespoke, authentic details that captured the essence of the legendary sneaker. Leaning on the brand’s core, our team complimented the setting with a realistic quarter pipe in the VANS signature aesthetic checkerboard print. The logo and tagline on the foam core created a layered effect to compose a unique background.

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