R.M. Williams

R.M. Williams - Love is a Gift that Lasts

We worked with the R.M Williams creative team to give life to their “love is a gift that lasts” campaign this festive season.

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The messaging emphasised that, after another period of uncertainty, we have been forced to reconsider what really matters to us. This year, most Australians are not looking forward to fancy meals, expensive gifts, or overseas holidays, instead, we have got right back to basics. We are looking forward to spending time with those who mean the most to us; our family and friends.

The quality materials used in the display were chosen to highlight the RM Williams product for shoppers looking to find a meaningful, high-quality, lasting gift for someone they love. Recycled timber sleepers were sourced and restored to create custom plinths. Natural travertine stone was used to finish off the plinths along with in-store shoe risers. The campaign tagline featured on the window display using 3D acrylic lettering mounted to the glass, and the banners added the emotion of family connection to the scenery.

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