Rebel Sport - Asics Gel-Kayano 30 Zones

Stability Reimagined.

We partnered with Asics to boost the launch of their Gel-Kayano 30 at Rebel Sport stores, making this year bigger and better for the 30th anniversary of the shoe, releasing a major new and improved design. The zone aimed to communicate the product features and highlight the stability feature it’s famous for.

We took the campaign creative and developed Running Zones that illustrate the changes in the design and its advantages. With the shape as a centrepiece, the shoe silhouette cut-out allowed moving content to show through, taking visitors on a journey as they see the paths and locations change from coastal to trail, urban and bush, following the contours of the Gel-Kayano 30. Our team added layered panels with lighting in between to create depth and split screen content to have tech features and benefits displayed on top.

We used the hero gradient, which evolved from the Rebel exclusive shoe colours, to identify areas within the store across the running zones, footwear tables, footwear walls and kids’ areas.

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