Rebel Sport

Rebel Sport - Christmas 2022

Rebel Sport engaged us to elevate and bring to life their ‘Unwrap’ Christmas campaign.

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We used a ‘torn paper’ visual for the window decals to emulate the tearing of gift paper as you unwrap a present, turning the window itself into a realm of gifts. The integration of hanging ribbons in an untied form adds a sense of motion to make the displays more dynamic. We designed and produced a timber Christmas Tree as a display shelf that can be compactly packed down and reused. Slotted smaller trees and golden present boxes completed the festive look and feel.

The concept extends in-store to the Energy Zones, where we created hanging panels with bursts of curled gift paper, accompanied by mannequins and plinths showcasing gifting ideas. Running Zones were also developed for top-tier stores, using the same gifting paper theme and a digital screen to highlight the season’s promotions.

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