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Super Retail Group – Rebel Sport Dreams Start Here

Dashing took the campaign message and produced the initial concept ideation, developing the narrative to incorporate the campaign at Rebel Sport stores.

From top-level RCX window executions to site-specific activations across all store promotional zones, gondolas, wall bays, seating areas, service counters, and floor decals.


We showcased Rebel’s extensive offering and amplified their call out of Dreams starting on local courts, fields and backyards; Dreams start here!


With a focus on childhood memories and those early sporting wins that motivate you to push further and dream bigger, we turned the windows into “Trophy Cabinets” brimming with medals, rosettes, and 3D printed custom trophies for Rebel stocked sports. Introducing photo opportunities with shopper interaction, we designed all competition forms that extended to staff caps and lanyards with a QR code to access the information.


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