SABA - Mannequins

SABA is an Australian fashion house known for its superior tailoring and modern simplicity. Their unique brand was showcased on the bespoke mannequins that Dashing designed, produced and distributed to their top stores in Australia.

Inspired by our country’s vibrant cities and innovative architecture and design, SABA’s fashion is one of a kind and has remained relevant and contemporary for 50 years. The brand is transitioning to a more abstract style and asked Dashing to create mannequins that speak to the heart of their new concept. We produced six different poses for both male and female models that can be rearranged to work independently or as a mixed cluster. 

The mannequins are manufactured with nano finishing, a scratch-resistant technology that minimises stains and provides wrinkle resistance on fabrics. We also colour-coated the metal base to match the finish of the models and installed security alarms for their hands. After a great success in the Bondi store, SABA has requested for the mannequins to be rolled out to all flagship stores nationwide.

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