Sunglass Hut

Sunglass Hut - Pride 2023

Celebrating Every Shade of Love with Sunglass Hut.

Enjoying the year’s most colourful season to celebrate all Shades of Love and keep supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, Sunglass Hut invited customers to express themselves with bold and beautiful sunnies. The brand partnered with designer, artist and iconic jeweller Nikita Majajas to create a limited-edition Doodad+Fandango LOVE brooch when clients purchased selected products.

Developing from the global direction, Dashing produced and installed the LOVE graphic to create an oversized 3D sculpture in their Sydney George St Flagship, combining printed gradient mirror substrates, dichroic finishes and additional stage lighting to reflect and refract light throughout the windows. We glorified the product in ten other locations, with graphical dress-ups to existing store furniture and 3D hearts printed to holographic stock on spring wobblers. Continuing our strong partnership with Luxottica, we were excited to deliver the first project for Sunglass Hut and look forward to future campaigns.

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