The Athlete’s Foot

The Athlete's Foot - Back to School 2023

We collaborated with The Athlete’s Foot to boost its Back to School concept through striking window displays and pop-up activations.

The campaign emphasises the importance of having fit experts to help with the kids’ shoe selection for school, with the tagline WINDAY1 with #fitittude. Banners featured the project’s imagery on the window, adding layers with suspended and floor-standing lighting acrylic tubes, plinth rings highlighting the footgear and a 3D tagline.

We built the external pop-up activation using a jigsaw-pieced floor mat with printed hopscotch and other games to engage visitors. Customers were surrounded by coloured fences, plinths, a cube stack and a WINDAY1 key visual sign, using the custom seats to find their fit and style. We added a shoe recycling bin into the zone to drive people towards sustainable initiatives. Our team developed the concept and design based on supplied assets, producing and installing the campaign in top-tier stores and franchises.

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