Viktoria & Woods

Viktoria & Woods - Mannequins

Working with Viktoria & Woods to showcase their boutique clothing, Dashing created tailored bust-form mannequins that align with the modern feel of their wardrobe staples.

Viktoria & Woods has an extensive ready-to-wear collection, including their signature merino wool, high-quality denim, tailoring, outerwear, lounge and occasional wear. The mannequins were specially made to suit their diverse clothing range, notably the sizing of the tailored bust that is unique to their brand.

Finished with stitched and seamed linen material and a metal neck cap engraved with their logo, the models performed exceptionally well in portraying the premium quality and contemporary style of their fashion wear. The mannequins were well-received and rolled out to multiple Viktoria & Woods stores and retail concessions in Australia.

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