In today’s competitive retail environment, Visual Merchandising is becoming much more than neatly arranging products on a shelf or dressing a mannequin in a store window. To stay relevant, retailers are having to meet the needs of shoppers’ today and successfully anticipate their expectation of tomorrow.

Before you read any further, make sure to check out part one of this series where we cover the first four VM trends that shouldn’t be missed. For this instalment, we’ve put together four more VM trends from around the world that are leading the way in attracting, engaging and converting shoppers through retail design and visual presentation.

5. The Technologist

We’re not speaking about the robot that takes fried chicken orders (well at least not yet), what we’re most interested in here is giving shopper’s all the convenience of e-commerce with the added feeling created by the hands-on tactile experience of the store.

Visual Merchandising blog - Image of technology in retail

This is all about customer. A non-intrusive touchscreen in a change room that brings other sizes, remembers what you’ve tried on, which size fits, and changes the lighting according to outfit… yes please!

6. The Multisensory

By encouraging customers to touch, look at, listen to, and experience products within immersive brand environments, savvy retailers are tapping in to the power of creating visceral connections and leaving those brands relying on purchases based purely on reason or thought in the dust.

Visual Merchandising blog - Image of installation in retail

From the moment a customer comes in contact with the recently crowned A.R.E. Store of the Year, Under Armour Brand House, they feel like a winning athlete. With everything from a giant LED ceiling streaming exhilarating sports videos, large prints of their favourites athletes to custom display units where customers can try on the latest products and test their speed or strength against others. VM decisions are influencing the way customers feel, their likelihood to purchase and overall brand loyalty.

7. The Green Living

By no means a new trend, most forward-thinking retailers have been searching for ways to reduce their impact on the environment since opening their doors. Two of the current trends we have been noticing in VM is a more considered approach to balancing content and messaging on digital screens with supporting print and the open use of recycled, up-cycled and reworked materials in merchandising not only being present but often celebrated in retail stores.

Visual Merchandising blog - Image of recycling in retail

The key here is keeping waste and cost low without sacrificing any of the visual appeal. How very refreshing!

8. The Analyst

As technology works its way into every facet of the customer journey, a retailer’s ability to gather, interpret and predict shopper behaviour is what will set them apart. For Visual Merchandisers, we are seeing that the smart integration of data points is allowing brands to better understand what customers want, with the ability to change any offering within their brick-and-mortar stores to continually improve experience and learn more about the impact these decisions have on their bottom-line.

Visual Merchandising blog - Image of analytics in retail

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