Why Choose The Portal?

save time

Our online Portal is the most efficient way to handle your marketing, freeing up your valuable time to work on more critical tasks. The automated nature of the portal reduces artwork processing times, reducing your time to get to market.

say goodbye to marketing mistakes

Our Portal not only saves you time, but the automated artwork generation also provides consistency across all collateral, removing human error and ensuring compliance with your brand guidelines.

enjoy a streamlined approvals process

No more complex and convoluted approvals processes. The Portal allows for a standardised approvals workflow resulting in an efficient and accurate outcome.

the (pos)sibilities are endless

By utilising the Dashing Portal, you are taking your Point-of-Sale (POS) into the future. You will reduce re-orders by delivering the correct quantity of POS to stores, you will save time in-store finding POS items and you will reduce warehouse storage costs.

save the world, one campaign at a time

And just so you know, the Dashing Portal is perfect for the environmentally conscious retailer, reducing waste every time you use it.

Making National
and Local Area Marketing Simple

From traditional print marketing through to digital channels, our Portal allows your head office to access all of your marketing resources and send out campaigns to your multiple locations. It also provides the perfect communications platform between head office and your stores at a local level, ensuring brand consistency at all times.

At the same time, Local Area Marketing (LAM), or local store marketing, is a powerful way to promote your brand by focusing on insights relevant to the local target market. However, LAM can also be a complex way to market, as brand consistency is often overlooked.

The Dashing Portal is revolutionising LAM by empowering stores to conduct their own highly targeted and locally relevant marketing in one centralised online location. And this results in not only more effective campaigns, but ensures your stores become true brand advocates.