As a Visual Merchandiser do you find yourself having to fight hard to secure adequate budget to bring your creative POS and window displays to life?

The good news is you’re not alone with most Australian retailers still playing catch-up in pursuit of becoming stronger omni-channel players.

Your challenge then?

Consumer’s expectations of in-store shopping experiences are rapidly shifting. Brands like Hermès and Apple have raised the bar with their personalised, crafted and intimate in-store moments and shoppers are taking notice.


What we’re seeing is that experiences are no longer compared to competitors but to every other shopper experience and it’s the brands serving up these positive moments again and again that are driving both customer sales and loyalty.

The role of the Visual Merchandiser is more important than ever before, and we’ll tell you why.

Sustaining a lasting relationship with today’s customer’s depends on the unique, engaging and authentic in-store experiences that creative window displays, freestanding merchandise displays, POS stands and other in-store merchandising provide. The art of crafting moments that say ‘I understand what you want to touch, see, hear and feel as a shopper in our store’ and the positive emotions that come with that are key in the delivery of great in-store experience.

Consumers are not going to physical locations to buy products but for the entertainment value of shopping and your retail stores need to reflect this.

Here’s how you can build a strong case to get the VM budget you need to engage and inspire shoppers today and in the future.

Taking inspiration from others

International retailers are leading the charge with the experiences they are serving up in their stores. Retail environments with window displays, POS displays and custom builds are appealing to their customer’s five senses and triggering the emotional connections key to retention and loyalty.

They recognise that although digital devices play a large role in all paths to purchase, the store is still at the centre of the omni-channel shopper’s universe. This is no different for Aussie shoppers with this 2016 PwC survey finding that 52 percent of consumers still prefer to purchase in-store, proof that bricks-and-mortar still plays a starring role in the purchasing journey alongside online, mobile and social.

Their Visual Merchandising reflects what their customers are saying they want from their stores and they are seeing a very positive return on investment because of this.

The proof for VM can be found in the creative ROI!

Urban Outfitters



By using concepts from their apparel to inspire in-store and window displays crafted especially for each store, Urban Outfitters unique approach to merchandising has been very successful in driving both sales and customer loyalty.

Their philosophy of designing each store to feel as if it’s a one-off creates personal experiences with their brand that centres on mood, colour, lifestyle and trend rather than product and has recently seen them record Q1 sales in 2016. Incredible right?




An entire store designed around one concept – ‘The Story of Speed’. Experiences like this one at Nike Town in London are incorporating everything from LED lights and digital screens to decals and crafted mannequins to bring to life Nike’s ideal perception of speed and interact with customers in powerful, unexpected ways.

So, what’s the solution?

We think it’s about clever creative coupled with skilled production experience.

Utilising a business that understands creative and can work with you to bring your brand into the light of your customer’s attention.

For results inspired by creativity. Brief us!