It’s a challenging time for Australian retailers. While reports show that consumers are willing to spend more in general, they are also more selective and less loyal than ever before. So as technology continues to enable shoppers to research and buy on their terms, what are some strategies retail marketers can use to keep up with increasing expectations and forge the relationships needed for customer loyalty and advocacy?



Understanding shoppers is the key. Know their behaviours and you’ll get their interest. Consistently give them what they want and you’ll have their loyalty. But what exactly do they want? With today’s consumers seamlessly navigating between online and offline channels, it’s a challenging landscape for retailers. What we do know through customer research is that “consumers are seeking retail ‘experiences’ over simple purchase transactions, which is inspiring landlords and retailers to collaborate on making the destination more enjoyable, convenient and memorable.” With physical stores still the preferred purchase destination for shoppers, here are 4 reasons why retail pop-ups provide a unique opportunity to attract and retain loyal customers.

Location, Location, Location

The combination of Google and social media means we’re up-to-date with just about everything. Connected shoppers already know where they can conveniently source what the want and for what price. So when something out of the ordinary happens, they take notice. Pop-ups provide that surprise element that disrupts their daily routines, cuts through the noise and gives them something to talk (and tweet) about.


The temporary nature of pop-up stores means they can be designed around your customers rapidly changing wants and needs. For modern shoppers, this customised “just for me” environment provides a reason to spend time in-store experiencing and growing an affection for a brand or product rather than simply purchasing it from the comfort of their living room. Offerings such as VIP launches, limited edition sales, custom designs and the smart integration of technology are immensely effective at building an emotional and lasting connection between shoppers and your brand.


We’ve all heard about the importance of brand experience. Retail pop-ups provide an opportunity to build destinations with high impact and engagement. Unlike the traditional store or online, they aren’t tied to products and sales. It’s all about exciting and memorable experiences that connect people to your brand and keep them coming back across all your channels. Branded events, launch parties, exhibitions and interactive elements are all powerful strategies in the race for relevancy and attention.


We are attracted to brands that tell a genuine and original story. What better way than to create a space with the sole purpose of expressing who you are and what you stand for. We recommend simple is best, with thoughtful planning to ensure every touchpoint exceeds expectations. Given their temporary nature, hand-crafted and custom finishes are a great way to show-off your brand personality. Overall, building relationships with customers by sharing the values they believe in.

The movers and shakers





Giant shoe box events and motion exhibitions to express design are but some of the many effective ways Nike have used retail pop-ups.



Champagne was beautifully paired with thermochromatic flowers to create this pop-up partnership on Valentine’s Day.

Warby Parker



All aboard the magical school bus. This pop-up bus helped transformed an online retailer into a relevant, fun and engaging brand.

A final thought

Australian retailers must embrace new philosophies to help attract and retain loyal customers. Pop-up stores provide a unique platform for engaging today’s omnichannel shopper in a way that adapts to their preferences and makes them take notice. Temporary structures provide the perfect medium for surprise locations, personalised environments, memorable experiences and authentic connections that meet the needs of today’s consumers. They turn brands from products on a screen, or clothes on a rack, into ultimate shopping destinations that your customers have been waiting for. Do you agree that they are one big corner piece in a puzzle driving brand loyalty and ultimately advocacy? Think a pop-up structure might be right for you? We’d love to hear from you.